What is a Cougar Dancer?

 A Cougar Dancer is a good leader.

A Cougar Dancer is a person who wants to be part of a positive and productive team.

 A Cougar Dancer is a good dancer with strong technical dance skills.

 A Cougar Dancer places the good of the team above her/his own needs.

 A Cougar Dancer performs well academically and passes all classes.

Tell me more about Cougar Dancers.

Cougar Dancers are in 8th period dance class throughout the school year.

 Cougar Dancers perform at pep rallies, basketball games, school, and community events, and Austin and Bowie High School Spring shows.

 Cougar Dancers are students whom others look up to and respect.

Cougar Dancers treat friends, family, teammates, and adults with respect at all times.

Cougar Dancers are dancers who love to dance and love to perform.