Friday, December 9, 2016

Dear Parents,
Please join us for your child’s dance class on Tuesday, December 13th (A Day) or Wednesday, December 14th (B Day).  The students will present a sample of all the material covered this semester.
The dance room is located in portable #620, located on the southwest side of campus, adjacent to the soccer fields.  In the interest of security all visitors are required to sign in at the front office; please remember to do so and to get your visitor’s nametag before coming to the dance room.
We look forward to seeing you on December 13th or 14th. For your convenience class times are listed below.


1st period:   8:30-9:15                    Tuesday Dec. 13                “A” Day
3rd period:     10:15-11:00              Tuesday Dec. 13                 “A” Day
7th period:  2:30-3:15                      Tuesday Dec. 13                 “A” Day
2nd period:    8:30-9:15                   Wednesday Dec. 14           “B” Day
4th period:     10:15-11:00              Wednesday Dec. 14           “B” Day

*Please note that the times above reflect the duration of Visitor’s day and not the entire class period time.
**All 6th grade classes will also have a Visitor’s Day in May to showcase the material learned during the Spring semester. 

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